JARRED LAND currently serves as President of the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company. A native of Edmonton, Alberta, he attended the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. While running a bike messenger service in Vancouver he made a documentary about his business, creating a website dedicated to camera he was using - the Panasonic DVX100. This drew the attention of Jim Jannard, owner of the sunglass company, Oakley. Mr. Land joined Jannard, introducing the Red One to the motion picture industry in 2007.  Other projects include the creation of Redcine-X, the R3D Software Development Kit, the concept of "DSMC", the Mysterium and M-X sensors, the Epic Red Dragon, the Weapon 8K VistaVision and Weapon 6K cameras, the Red Raven 4.5K and Scarlet-W 5K cameras and the company's latest innovation, the 8K Super35 Helium sensor.  Jarred is also an Associate Member of the American Society of Cinematographers and is active in varying capacities throughout the industry.